Building GNUK and updating your FST-01 fw

As GNUK documentation says “Gnuk is an implementation of USB cryptographic token for GNU Privacy Guard”. It allows you not to have your private key available on the system, but allow you to use it. There are two ways to update your firmware, to use the script in the repo to do it, if your gnuk is functional or use the programmer to flash the binary. Building the firmware To build the firmware we need to clone the repository and because a part of it is a submodule we also need to fetch that.

CP2102 usb to serial outputing 4.5V

So, I’ve just had a new project programming a NRF52 and with almost all embedded projects it is great to have a way to easily debug some problems without setting up the whole debugging environment. Using the serial connection is usually how I do it, sometimes a LED is enough. Because of that I have a lot of USB to serial adapters. All of the ones I had had a USB A connector on it which made it hard to connect it to the development board, I had to have a extension cable or have the dongle hanging out directly on the laptop.

Experimenting with spinning up virtual machines on Digital Ocean through its API

So, I saw a friend of mine I haven’t seen for some time a coupe of days ago. We were shooting shit and talking about a lot of stuff. One of the things he mensioned was a small project he was involved in a couple of months ago, that was stopped for the time being because the money ran out. It involved sjafsafjlksjfalkjlksjlkajslajlsjafxnvzm,xnvxvybuybyretbervyvyebvybvrtvzuxtvxytzttz

First steps with free FPGA toolchain and ULX3S board

So, this blog post first needs a bit of a background before jumping intro the technical parts (actually I am also writing before I’ve done anything with the ULX3S board). I have some experience with FPGAs, even my XXXZavrsni rad was an arbitrary function generator made in a xilinx spartan fpga with a microblaze soft core and a serial peripheral, decomposition of functions was done in a Matlab program. But the thing is that was a really long time ago, about 6-7 years ago.

Getting up and running with MyNewt and Adafruit Feather nRF52 Pro

So I’ve been out of directly designing hardware for the last year and also the projects I’ve done took a lot of time so the project mynewt ( )took me for a bit of a suprisse. First time I’ve read up on it, it seemed really great. At first it seems it is just a new RTOS, but it is much more than that. It is a whole ecosystem of tools allowing for easily adding features to your projects, porting them to new hardware, new boards and new microcontrollers too.

JTAG debugging ESP32 - huzzah32

I am currently working on a project using an ESP32. I really the way Espressif has set up the development tools, I’ll probably do a post about my thoughts about it. The serial port and logging is setup out of the box, so I’ve been using printfs to debug the code. There are a couple of problems with this approach, but one big advantage, it is easy and just works. The downsides are that for every time you want to look at a variable, you add a printf, you build the program and need to upload it to the board, and as it is uploaded through the bootloader operating at 115200baud it takes some time.

Just bought a PinePhone

I’ve just bought a PinePhone. I’ve ordered the Brave Heart edition, as that one is the only version available at the moment. Currently it seems that the only difference with the “propper” version will be that it is not comming with a usable OS on it. This is where I would put the picture of my phone, If I had it here :-) I am not going to go through the specs, feel free to click the above link and look at them.


Soooo, mechanical keyboards. A lot of people are crazy about them. I bought one while they were still cheap. Bought a new Coolermaster TKL with red cherry switches for about 80usd almost 10 years ago. Changed up some keycaps, but did not really do any modifications to it. About ~2 years ago, I ran into Bathroom Epiphanies, a guy from Stockholm making programmable replacement controllers for popular keyboards. Bought one for the coolermaster and made a programmable keyboard out of it.

My Firefox setup

I had a problem with my firefox and I had to restart my firefox profile to be able to start it. Mleh, shit like this sometimes happens. Anyway, I used a generic chromium with just a uBlock origin plugin while trying to debug what was happening, and it came to me how different my UX in Firefox is. Night look I thought it would be interesting to do a writeup about which plugins I am using.

Small linux CLI tips and tricks

Zakomentirati liniju pa ju imas za poslije u historyju Pretrazivanje historija !! i !$ Emacs shortcuti funkcioniraju by default u vecini shellova ssh config i include i kompleksni ruleovi Jumphost od verzije XXX So, along the couple of years I’ve been

Xiaomi Desk LED Lamp with a FOSS firmware

I needed a lamp on my table. I needed some backlight when I am working on my computer, and I needed a strong worklight when I am soldering and working on electronics. I found Xiaomi LED wifi lamp in my home town, of all the places. And, actually, that was the cheapest place I was able to find it anywhere, including the Internet. I brought it home, and it was great.