Just bought a PinePhone

I've just bought a PinePhone. I've ordered the Brave Heart edition, as that one is the only version available at the moment. Currently it seems that the only difference with »

My Firefox setup

I had a problem with my firefox and I had to restart my firefox profile to be able to start it. Mleh, shit like this sometimes happens. Anyway, I used »

JTAG debugging ESP32 - huzzah32

I am currently working on a project using an ESP32. I really the way Espressif has set up the development tools, I'll probably do a post about my thoughts about »

Xiaomi Desk LED Lamp with a FOSS firmware

I needed a lamp on my table. I needed some backlight when I am working on my computer, and I needed a strong worklight when I am soldering and working »

CP2102 usb to serial outputing 4.5V

So, I've just had a new project programming a NRF52 and with almost all embedded projects it is great to have a way to easily debug some problems without setting »